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Xbox Cover2017-1“From the Xbox to the Box Alarm” was the title of the original piece I wrote back in 2008. Eight years later it has morphed into one of the most popular, and certainly one of the most relevant conversations of our time.

Over that same time, my understanding and hope for today’s generation has grown substantially based on my continual observational research conducted by visiting firehouses and firefighters all over the US and Canada and spending time with what I have affectionately dubbed this Xbox generation.

The following is a compilation of articles and insights I have shared along this journey. Many folks ask me why I think this ‘Xbox Live’ conversation is more popular than ever and I answer it with this: “I think From the Xbox to the Box Alarm is so popular because we were asleep at the watch desk for so long, failing to get to know and understand this generation.”

The spoiler alert of my Xbox Live program is that “It’s an entire conversation about starting a conversation.” We find ourselves needing to play catch-up, primarily…because we haven’t been having this game-changing conversation.

Haven’t had this conversation yet? Check out “Catch My Act” to see where I’ll be sharing Xbox Live next.

One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received related to this program is from my good friend Candice McDonald, who shared: “The problem with your conversation is that it is contagious. The more people have it, the more people who want to have it and they want to bring you in to facilitate this important conversation in their firehouse or fire service.”

So, let’s get this conversation started by reviewing where this conversation came from and where it’s headed.

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From the Xbox to the Box Alarm.”
The original article, first published in FASNY’s
The Volunteer Firefighter magazine in 2008.

Xbox Hack#150104:

Xbox 2.0: The Greatest Expectation
is an update to the original post from 2008, reinforcing my theory that “The Greatest Expectation of this Generation is to be given Clear Expectations!”

Xbox Hack#160425:
Meet Individual Needs:
Exceed Organizational Expectations


Engage: The Xbox Generation

Look outside the fire service for solutions to challenges inside the fire service.
All you need to do is ‘Engage.’

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