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Tiger Schmittendorf is a successful emergency services leader helping others solve problems by utilizing his diverse experience, creative and organizational talent, technical competence and clear communication skills.

Schmittendorf serves as Deputy Fire Coordinator in the County of Erie Department of Emergency Services (Buffalo NY).

He is a Nationally Certified Fire Instructor and has been a firefighter since 1980. He created a recruitment effort that doubled his own fire department’s membership and helped net 525+ new volunteers countywide.

Schmittendorf brings 15 years of experience in engineering, sales and marketing management to marketing the product he loves: the fire service. He specializes in recruitment and retention, marketing, training and leadership consulting for counties and fire departments around the country.

He suffers from an extremely dry sense of humor and routinely makes an ass of himself, often in public.

Schmittendorf can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].

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