“I’m not a coward. I’ve just never been tested. If I was, I’d like to think I would pass.”
Lyrics from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

If your organization is in need of an emergency manager or the training to be one, I’m your guy. Here’s a sample of the incidents and projects I’ve helped manage under the Incident Command System:

  • Operations Section Chief in ICS for drive-through Hepatitis vaccination POD-Point-of-Distribution – SEPTEMBER 2008
  • Logistics Section Chief in ICS for walk-up vaccination POD-Point-of-Distribution of 10,000+ citizens in 5-days due to potential Hepatitis-A Contamination – FEBRUARY 2008
  • Logistics Section Chief in ICS for 3-months following out-of-season storm that brought 2+ ft. of heavy wet snow, dropping trees and power lines in 3-county area and leaving 400,000+ residences without power. Event triggered $100 Million Federal disaster declaration and EOC activation that lasted for 2-years through recovery process. – OCTOBER 2006
  • Command Staff for EOC Activation for East Coast Black-Out – AUGUST 2005
  • Command Staff for EOC Activation for 7 ft. Snow Storm – DECEMBER 2001
  • EOC Staff for deployment of 32 EMS Units to Ground Zero – SEPTEMBER 2001
  • Operations Section Chief/Logistics Section Chief for Buffalo Bills Football Gameday Operations at Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • Resource Unit Leader/Regional Fire Administrator for several out-of-county deployments of local Fire and SEFUs (Storm Emergency Fire Units).
  • Incident Commander for hundreds of structure fires, vehicle accidents, weather emergencies and virtually every other type of incident that a fire department responds to.
  • Unit Citation – For rescue of a male trapped under a vehicle on NYS Thruway – 2004
  • Chief’s Commendation – For rescue of three infants and two mothers from a flooded apartment and roadway – 1999
  • Chief’s Commendation – For rescue of an 18-year old male from a house fire – 1999
  • Mayor’s Commendation – For rescue of a 17-year old female from an apartment fire – 1994
  • Congressional Record – Recognition of Relief Effort for “Firefighters Under Fire” – Coordinated collection and shipment of gear and equipment to support volunteer firefighters in war-torn Bosnia – 1994

Nothing breeds success like success itself.

I developed a recruitment campaign that doubled my fire department’s membership and helped recruit 525+ new volunteer firefighters countywide. I’ve since trained hundreds of fire departments and more than a thousand firefighters to address their leadership and people-management challenges. I’d like to put my time and energy to work in making you and your organization successful.

Put me to the test.