Fire Chief Blogs His Way Through Fire Academy Experience

St. Paul MN Fire Chief Tim Butler is blogging about his fire academy experiences

St. Paul MN Fire Chief Tim Butler is blogging about his fire academy experiences

I don’t remember how and when I stumbled across this particular blog, but it’s a good one.

St. Paul, Minnesota Fire Chief Tim Butler has written a blog about his experiences with the fire department since being appointed to the position two years ago. What’s so unique about this chief’s blog is that it details his adventures in participating in the latest recruit academy executed by the fire department.

The chief indicated early on after his appointment that he fully intended to experience everything his firefighters have experienced. In that vain, he prepared himself for and is actively engaged in the academy.

I was very impressed with his attitude as he wrote “We (sic) must share a common bond – a common culture – and a shared base of experience and perspective. We all must be confident in each member’s ability to operate safely and effectively on an incident scene or when representing our department to the public.”

Not only is he hanging it out on the line for all of his firefighters to see if he’s got the right stuff to be considered one of their own, but he’s exposing his fire academy laundry for the public to see through his blog. Both take a lot of guts for a 50-year old fire chief and I give him a lot of credit.

It’s good reading and contains fire service and life lessons for all of us. Check out “On Scene with Car 1.” See for yourself.

Start by reading the intro to the academy:

  • Instruction video with Fire Chief Joe Lowe


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    This is a wonderful thing that he has done I am sure it has taken a lot of work.
    And i just want to say thank you for you wonderful long hard hours of work.

  • Hi,
    This is a wonderful thing that he has done I am sure it has taken a lot of work.
    And i just want to say thank you for you wonderful long hard hours of work.