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Tiger’s Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-03-21

At Crossing Borders Conference learning about use of social media in government: # Spent the day with DCFD Chief Rubin and my good friend Billy D. Hayes/DCFD PIO amongst many other emergency services professionals. # Just added a new discussion on Firefighter Nation # Checking out "Free Public Education Program: PIO-Public Information Officers" […]

Tiger’s Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-03-14

You gotta go to TEEX. It's awesome. # @ssgjbroyles Thanks for the cheap plug. Sorry we didn't get to chat but I appreciate you listening in. Hopefully you benefited from it. in reply to ssgjbroyles # @ssgjbroyles Would like your feedback on my latest blog: in reply to ssgjbroyles # @Ckemtp Thanks for the […]

Elektronik Sigara Nedir?

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I’ve been asked by FireCritic and FireDaily to join them as their special guest on this week’s edition of Firefighter NetCast.

Naturally, we’ll be discussing volunteer recruitment and retention along with an overview of my presentation at FDIC in April and my cover story in the March edition of Fire-Rescue Magazine featuring my online book project:

Tiger’s Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-02-28

Checking out "Happening Now: Masonic Temple Fire in Dunkirk NY" on Firefighter Nation: # Checking out "MUST-SEE VIDEO: Tower Imploded to Make Room for New Fire Trainin" on Firefighter Nation: #

@FireRECRUITER: Big Win for the Youngins’

While I haven’t had the chance to read the entire 52-page report cover-to-cover, I can tell you that it’s comprehensive in scope and a well organized resource for anyone involved in creating or maintaining a fire department sponsored youth program. It holds something for everyone including chief officers, youth leaders, fire department administration, parents, support liaisons and the youth themselves.

@FireRECRUITER: Who can afford to volunteer?

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Who Can Afford to Volunteer? That’s the question asked by Don Grogg, a commissioner for Harris County Emergency Service District No. 9 in Texas in this article titled: “Suburban Fire Districts Sound the Alarm” in the Houston Chronicle. While I understand that they have somewhat unique staffing and support challenges, when you ask it like […]

Tiger’s Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-01-10

Working the "Chills" game at Ralph Wilson Stadium today. I suspect Emergency Services will be busy today. # Adopt a New Attitude for the New Year: #

Tiger’s Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-01-03

Still in the 100 pct. Call Club for 2010. The list is dwindling already. # @SPFDChief Chief – Unrelated, I'm looking for your fire academy blog you wrote a few months back. Please point me in the right direction. in reply to SPFDChief # RT @firedaily With Friends Like These….. # @SPFDChief Chief – […]

Fire Chief Blogs His Way Through Fire Academy Experience

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Not only is he hanging it out on the line for all of his firefighters to see if he’s got the right stuff to be considered one of their own, but he’s exposing his fire academy laundry for the public to see through his blog. Both take a lot of guts for a 50-year old fire chief and I give him a lot of credit.

It’s good reading and contains fire service and life lessons for all of us. Check out “On Scene with Car 1.” See for yourself.

Flight 3407 Responders Recognized for Recovery Efforts

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My kids will verify that we rarely swear in front of them. Foul language is unacceptable in our house. My involuntary response to the pager message was: “Holy S***!” Alex immediately sensed something and asked me “What’s wrong Dad?”

I said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I’m going to a plane crash.” I grabbed my laptop backpack and my go-bag for extended deployments and headed out the door.

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