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Clean the Litterbox

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This blog is a companion piece to my article titled “Make it Personal” featured in the June edition of Fire-Rescue Magazine. I was reading a not so tongue-in-cheek blog written by my good friend Art Goodrich titled: Ordering From the Risk Menu and it reminded me of a Saturday I spent recently, full of fire […]

Schmittendorf Secures $500k for Erie County Chiefs to Conduct R&R

Erie County Fire Chiefs Awarded $500k Recruitment Grant – Offer Opportunities for You to Get Involved The Erie County Fire Chiefs Mutual Aid Organization, in collaboration with the Erie County Division of Fire Safety, are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a $498,800 SAFER-Staffing for Adequate Emergency Response grant by the US Department […]


From The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY)



Contacts:  Liz Burke (212) 981-5263; (917) 573-1440 / Andrea Vividor (212) 981-5193





(NEW YORK – May 27)  This year’s Firemen’s Association of the State of New York

What the World Needs

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Chief Dan Daly responded to Ground
Zero on September 11, 2001. He now spends his time sharing the true legacy of 9/11 – a story of courage, compassion and the power of the indomitable human spirit. His life’s work now centers on helping US Military Service Men & Women who have returned home with traumatic brain injuries. His mission is to inspire citizens of all ages to embrace and embody the values that make us a great nation, and most of all – to never forget those who have sacrificed so much.

Lots of leadership in Kingsbury NY

Thank you Kingsbury and friends. I’m on my way home as I’m typing this on my Crackberry LOL but don’t worry, I pulled over to get some grub. I was honored to meet so many great people from Washington County NY this weekend. You are all truly fire service leaders and have much to be […]

Join the Conversation

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ToolkitJoining on the heels of the recent well-attended presentation for Suffolk County, fire departments in three more New York State Counties have recently signed up for Tiger Schmittendorf’s “Leadership in the Firehouse” seminar series.

Tiger’s flagship presentation is a comprehensive review of the Recruitment and Retention Rescue vs. Recovery discussion. The highly interactive presentation engages the participants in a conversation to discover the root causes of the challenges we face, why we face them and what we can do about them; together.

Now It’s Your Turn.

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Last fall I wrote about doing the right thing by getting involved in an organization of firefighters known as Hancock Hope, formed for the sole purpose of helping other firefighters and fire departments in need.


I talked about the struggles of a very rural volunteer fire department in Oneida, Kentucky and of the goodwill of the Newstead NY Volunteer Fire Company who donated a used fire engine to them. It was a team effort with a lot

Suffolk Selects Schmittendorf for Scholarship Seminar

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suffolkchiefsTiger Schmittendorf will be the keynote presenter for the Suffolk County Fire Chiefs Council’s Scholarship Seminar on Friday – March 27, 2009.

Tiger’s “Leadership in the Firehouse” seminar will be held in the Berkner Hall auditorium of Brookhaven National Labs in Brookhaven (Long Island) NY.

The association’s 1st Vice President Chief Anthony LaFerrera first heard of Tiger Schmittendorf from his presentation at the FASNY Legislative Conference in October-2008.


Continental Flight 3407 crashed into a home in Clarence Center around 10:20pm on Thursday-February 12, 2009 – killing 50 people and changing the lives of thousands more, including mine.

I responded in the first wave of emergency services personnel sent to help restore order to the chaos that the crash created.

Night at the Museum

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OK. I admit it.

It was a day at the museum but hey, nobody ever made a movie with the catchy title: “Day at the Museum.”

Regardless, we had a great day recently when we visited the Buffalo Fire Historical Museum on William St. near Ogden St. on the city’s eastern border with the Town of Cheektowaga.

I was there once before, a very long time ago, but had forgotten just how rich the museum is with placeholders of our heritage. And the best part was, I went with friends.

I dragged along my best friend Chief Denny Allen, my 21-year old niece Christina who is a new firefighter with neighboring Lake Erie Beach; and Kyle, the 9-year old son of another best friend – Chief John Latimore. I’ll tell you about

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