Run-to-the-Curb Kid: Dr. Jason Borton

Dr. Jason Borton: Emergency Room Doctor, Author, Volunteer Firefighter, Run-to-the-Curb kid.

Jason Borton is not your typical Run-to-the-Curb kid.  Not only was he a volunteer firefighter, but he wrote a book about it too.

In fact he tells a story of how he once ran to — and through — a window to see where the fire trucks were going in his neighborhood.

Growing up, he didn’t just visit the fire station by himself, his grandmother took him there, frequently.

Read here how he was my first guest on the debut of my new FirefighterNetcast radio show: Firefighter Storytellers.

Tiger Schmittendorf continues his “Firefighter Storytellers” series on the FirefighterNetcast Internet radio show network on Wednesday-July 14,2010 at 9pm EDT with special guest Tim Sendelbach.

Chief Sendelbach is a 24-year fire service veteran and Editor-in-Chief of FireRescue Magazine. Like many others, Tim’s roots in the fire service started with his Dad, a fire chief in his hometown of Wilder, Kentucky.

Tim will share stories of his upbringing in the American Fire Service along with photos and reflections on the influence his father and the tragically historic Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire had on the start and success of his career.

Listen in, call in and follow Tim on his journey from Run-to-the-Curb kid to Fire Service Leader.