Change, for Safety’s Sake.

ITP10CF_LIf you are a Fire/Rescue Chief, Commissioner, President, Fire Officer or in a leadership role of a Fire Department or Fire Company, you have the responsibility of ensuring firefighter safety.


With the holidays right around the corner, here’s a cool opportunity for your organization to provide something to your members, and support the work of the Safety, Health and Survival Section of the IAFC. By policy, the IAFC does not fund the section, the section must raise all of their own funds in order to operate.


This is not some huge request (especially during these tough budget times), as this is for your FD to consider $1.50 (each) for the purchase of a pocket “Firefighter Survival” 2010 planner for all of your members. That’s “chump change” — less than the cost of a large coffee. Aren’t they worth it?


Quite honestly, it’s a “dirt cheap” risk management tool that will put some very specific FIREFIGHTER SURVIVAL messages in front of all of your members-everyday. You can also have up to five lines printed on the cover for your FD …and these will be delivered before Christmas.


Here is the info:


It’s just $1.50 per member. Please consider it for your fire department, fire company, county or regional association or even for your firefighter related business, as a give-away for customers.


100% of the proceeds go strictly toward the operation and programs of  in supporting FF safety, health and survival.



Special Thanks to my good friend BillyG for passing this along.